An unforgettable night of songs and storytelling by Woodstock legend, Melanie.

But the big surprise of the night was EVA! Wow...Can these ladies sing!
Their exquisite harmonies and engaging song choices held the audience’s attention from the first through final note.
- Carol Freud Spiegel Managing Director of The Palace Danbury Theatre

‚Äč"...(An) International supergroup...Their harmonies are divine, and the songs contain  enticing  elements  from  the  various  cultural backgrounds... (an)  inspiring night at the Sandywoods Center for the Arts."                                          

- The Providence Phoenix 2012

" While each of these talented women is individually recognized as an accomplished player and vocalist,  it  is  their  combined artistry that creates an unparalleled musical dynamic."

- The Standard Times 2011

" All throughout, impressively co-ordinated guitar work, with well synced arpeggiated duetting sections, interesting chord usage and even some blues licks drove the musical accompaniment. Definitely, EVA are at their pinnacle best at the moment....where all three superb voices are pouring out in a smoothly-coated blend of luscious three part harmony."

- The Guardian 2012 (Canada) 

" Their divergent backgrounds act as a seasoning to the musical stew..."

- The Cape Codder 2013 (Rich Eddred)  

" Drew the audience into an experience that transcends the history of three continents by sharing songs and stories of how each country culturally influenced and enriched one another."

- Valley Breeze Living Edition 2013